Anniversary Trip to Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina

Last weekend Houston and I took a much needed trip to Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina to celebrate our one year anniversary in the low country! Neither one of us can believe it has been one year since we wed down in Thomastown, Mississippi with some of our closest friends and family. 

(Picture above captured by Scott Burton Photography out of Oxford, MS)

(Picture above captured by Scott Burton Photography out of Oxford, MS)

We are blessed in more ways than we could ever count, with one of our biggest blessings including the Conner Family next door to us in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia who gifted Houston and I with their cottage for our anniversary. We caught an evening flight into Savannah, Georgia, 21 miles south of Palmetto Bluff for a nice four day stay down in South Carolina. The town is something out of a romance novel, with its gas lanterns lining the quiet roads, a blanket of hanging moss encompassing a gorgeous landscape, and more design inspiration in its surrounding cottages and interior furnishings than I could have ever dreamt of seeing.

Above is our beautiful cottage and its screen porch where we enjoyed reading in the morning, and sipping cocktails in the evening.

Cindy's amazing taste is displayed as she merrily "throws" together what I find to be such beautiful and soothing work. The woven blinds shown on either side of the bed serve as such a clean, warm, functional feature, and I love the dramatic geometric print upholstered on the bed with large shell lamps flanking either side.

DSC_0246 (1).jpg

There were design details that I couldn't help but notice in the cottage, such as a nice balance in the light and dark elements. The desk chair featured a small brown welt separating the light fabric from the dark lacquered finish, drawing my eye up to the finish on the frame and the painting itself, as well as up and over to the woven blinds on the door leading out.

Two wood and marble top vanities mirrored each other giving Houston and I more space than we have had since we married! We loved the ledge on the back of the vanity providing a small added detail and interest to the surface, and the personal touch of a penciled sketch of the cottage framed and placed above the faucet.

Everyday we hopped on bikes and rode miles/hours enjoying the paved and unpaved trails throughout Palmetto Bluff. Every day consisting of trips to RT's (the Gourmet market/deli), hunting alligators along the banks of the river, and stops by the pool for some down time and fruity cocktails! I speak for myself, but I really enjoyed the large grey squirrels with their cute black faces all over the place! I have never seen squirrels so large in my life. Houston joked he was convinced they were a rabbit or raccoon of some sort. 

During our long rides, we would stop at a small park to swing or explore an amazing tree house built 15'-20' feet up off the ground. Houston and I reverted back to being three and four years old exploring the nooks and crannies, climbing steep wooden stairs, and peeping out tiny windows on every floor.

For our official one year anniversary dinner, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset dinner at the Canoe Club in Palmetto Bluff, overlooking the May River. As I usually do when visiting nice restaurants, formerly visited by the sweet Conner girls, I made sure to order what they would consider the best summer cocktail, the Blood Orange Margarita. It was phenomenal!

Houston and I enjoyed this trip so much, as it was our first trip, just the two of us, since we married! It was not easy leaving such a quiet, quaint area of the country, with such nice people all around, but as vacations often do, it revived and rejuvenated us for the new and exciting things that lie ahead!  

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