Foyer Design for an Oakton, Virginia Home

A little less than a year ago, I was introduced to a wonderful family of three in Oakton, Virginia by a mutual friend of ours that knew I had just decided to go out on my own. My clients had just purchased a beautiful 6 bedroom home in what felt like "the country" with its long drive ways, friendly neighbors that waved as you passed by, and manicured landscapes that stretched most of the yard giving great warmth and curb appeal. We started off quickly first focusing on their large Family Room off the kitchen, then focusing on the Dining Room and Breakfast Room areas - that will soon be styled and photographed very soon - complete and ready for entertaining. It has been so fun getting to know this family, as Houston and I enjoyed attending their one year old's first birthday extravaganza, getting to meet their immediate family, and also getting to see how my client loves to entertain in that setting.

Currently we are working on two exciting projects, one including their large finished basement - about to be renovated into an amazing theatre room, pool, room, bar, and exercise area. However, this week, we are also designing their grand entry foyer, one of my favorite aspects of the house. 

Current Foyer - Includes new light, fresh paint, a viscose area rug, and a round entry table. 

Current Foyer - Includes new light, fresh paint, a viscose area rug, and a round entry table. 

I am sure it is different for each designer, but I love being able to think about a design for a space over time - usually a span of a few months - if it falls within the client's timeline of priorities. We have discussed what we would like to see when first walking in a number of times. The Formal Dining Room is the first opening on the immediate right, and the unfinished Formal Living Room mirrors that on the left. We wanted to bring in color in this space. My client loves and is drawn to the soothing green and blue tones, but for this space wants a little more.

Surprisingly, one evening while going through the new catalogs I had received that day, I came across this styled image in a Wisteria magazine. The bright yellow arrangement in a clean, tall base with simple curves caught my eye. Immediately, I was then drawn to the beautiful chest in a sublime hunter green and gold accents. I love the play of these two colors, knowing we would need a piece of art to really bring it together.

My clients are not really drawn to the golds and brass accents that we see in almost every design these days, and that has been somewhat challenging, as I ALWAYS find myself trying to insert a gold finish in the mirror, or the lamp, or the large canvas art accented in a floating gold frame, but as time as passed, I have discovered the love of the challenge in really finding and identifying what the client wants in a space, and it feels so good when you get it right for them. 



The design board above features the client's existing area rug we chose for the entry way back in the Fall. A lot of times, clients are not particular on having one of a kind, custom pieces of art, but for this space, and a few other areas of the house, the client's have voiced their priority for original art. Fine with me! A landscape for the entry way seemed plausible with the home's setting. The neighborhood is tucked away in this "smaller" town than most surrounding, and the lushness of greenery and sky scape truly is beautiful. I wanted to bring that into the first welcoming space for this home.

For our pop of color and texture, this picture proved as major inspiration! Although we do not have the stone floors, French settee, and iron stairwell, I felt as though the life the green fig tree brings and that one pop of citron on the throw pillow, served as good representation of not over doing it, but still getting the wow factor. 

During the design of the foyer, we also selected a similar - little bit more subtle - geometric carpet material to the one shown above, that will be installed within the next two weeks, beautifully lining the large stairwell, to bring softness and comfort. 


I so look forward to sharing the final product through professional images, as well as the space in the basement we look to finalize this week! Hope everyone had a safe, dry weekend - as we welcome Spring with open arms!



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